Definition of Officers 

  • Commandant -Presides at all meetings, appoints officers that may be deemed necessary and direct and control all activities of the Detachment in such a manner that will bring credit upon the Marine Corps League. Attends the Department of Michigan Convention, Mid-Winter Rally and Staff Meetings and reports back to the membership of the business conducted.   
  • Senior Vice Commandant: Presides at meetings in the absence of the Commandant and is responsible for social/special activities of the detachment. 
  • Junior Vice Commandant:Presides at meetings where the Commandant and Senior Vice Commandant are not in attendance and Is responsible for recruiting and retention of the detachment.                         
  • Judge Advocate:Perform legal duties as are assigned by the Commandant. Shall rule on any disputed point of order at meetings. 
  • Adjutant: Keeps proper minutes of all meetings of the Detachment and is custodian of all records of the Detachment other than Special Committees and financial records.
  • Paymaster:Keeps all money accounted for including special funds for the Detachment. Is responsible for any updates or correction of member’s records with the National Headquarters and the Department of Michigan. 
  • Sergeant-at-Arms:Preserves order at all Detachment Meetings and ensures that all is in readiness for meetings. 
  • Chaplain:Conduct prayers at all meetings and memorial services. He should visit all members of the Detachment who are having an extended stay in the hospital or are in ill health for extended periods of time.   All other officers are appointed by the Commandant elect. 

Appointed positions (maybe), but not limited to:

  • Quartermaster: Purchases and sells unique Gung-ho merchandise, 
  • Honor Guard Commander:Contacts members of the Honor Guard for an occasion that we are invited to and ensures that all equipment is present at the occasion.
  • Newsletter Editor:Publishes the Newsletter for the Detachment and is responsible for informing members of any function sponsored by the Detachment